Sony Mobile rumored to be ‘ceasing operations’ in multiple area

Sony mobile to shutdown
Some weeks ago, it was Yahoo who announced that its messenger App ‘Yahoo Messenger’ will no longer function by July. And now, it looks like Sony are going to path in a similar direction. If this goes on to be true, then tech companies out there are not having it so easy. According to a rumor, Sony’s mobile division will be ceasing all operations and pulling out of offices in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa. The rumor comes from Venture Beat reporter Evan Blass, and it simply states that Sony will “Shut down its operations and offices” by October.

Bad news for Sony Mobile fans in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa: I’m hearing that the company will “shut down its operations and offices” in the region by October.

Sony Could Be Pulling Out Of Specific Regions For Cost-Cutting Sake

This is certainly as a result of poor sales but deciding to pull out completely would mean Sony is finding it hard to keep up in those regions. Stepping out of Africa, Turkey and others will now allow the company to focus on other European markets. This move will assist the Company in Areas they have been having it tough even including finances.
Sony’s own analysis of its mobile department’s performance has laid the blame purely on its own inability to improve its line-up fast enough and seems to presume that falling smartphone sales are the outcome of its own failings.
TechRadar contacted Sony Mobile Middle East and received the following response from Gita Ghaemmaghami, Regional Marketing Communications Manager for Sony Mobile Customer Unit Middle East & Africa:“As part of our ongoing measures to drive profitable growth we are carefully monitoring the market situation and reviewing our business feasibility in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey.”Although we sense diplomacy in his words, we sort of know what those words are pointing to. The company’s sales is going down globally, so they look like a team that will try to focus on the areas that have potentials like the US. There are no confirmations that Sony Mobile will exit the areas claimed by Blass, but Sony’s admission suggests there could be some truth behind the tweet. Sony wouldn’t be the first of the smartphone industry’s big dogs to have to pull out of specific regions. LG was forced to pull out of China in February aswell. We hope the best for Sony mobile.


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