Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Launch Date, Teaser Video And What To Expect

samsung note 9

Now it’s official! The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is set to be launched by August 9th. Looks like ‘9’ is the killer code now. The launch of this device is going to be headlined by the so much improved Stylus Pen. The Stylus Pen bags a lot of features that sets the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 apart. While Some features look certain to accompany this device, some have doubts written all over them.

Here is the official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Teaser:

Trust me, nothing about the Note 9 seems so certain yet. Nothing! Asides the launch date that was officially annouced. But there is a strong likelihood of some of these specs we will be highlighting to actualize based on the leaks and several other factors for the predictions.

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The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have a bigger display or at least the same as the former which stands at 6.3 inches. A larger battery of around 4000mAh is very necessary, increased RAM, a step up in storage, and probably an improved front-facing camera as well. Anything less than these expected requirements above will fall below expectations.

And as regards the fingerprint sensor, its been tough to predict. Some sources say it’s going to be in-display while recent photo leaks suggest that the fingerprint sensor is underneath the phone’s camera. We will have our eyes set on an in-display fingerprint version anyways.

It seems Samsung has seen some advantage in bringing the launch date forward to early August. It is evident the retail release of the device will be around late August.

Samsung Invites everyone to enjoy live launch event on its official website.

The official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch date is August 9, after an invite was sent out by Samsung on June 27. The unveiling will happen in Brooklyn, New York at 11am EST (8am PST, 4pm BST).

And Here’s What We Know About The Note 9

Other details include a 3.5mm headphone port, USB-C port, speaker grille, S Pen silo and microphone on the bottom edge. Slim bezels (but no notch) on the front, power/volume buttons on the left edge and a Bixby button on the right.

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Why the earlier release date?

Samsung needs the Note 9 to be attention-grabbing so much that so many users would have made commitments even before any form of hype or announcements. The iPhone X2 and iPhone 9 phones are the next products Apple is likely to unveil in early September.

Before now, Note series still was always announced first, but by the time the Note gets to the store for purchase, the hype surrounding Apple’s new iPhones is already high in the air. And as a result, users might decide to opt-in for the Apple flagships. That’s the main reason we think Samsung is putting the Galaxy Note 9 in our faces earlier than usual.

As more concrete details are revealed, we will be keeping you posted.


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