Group call for voice and videos is now Live on WhatsApp


It’s been a busy ‘last few months’ for WhatsApp. Releasing updates after updates from spammy link detection to message forwarding restrictions that ensure users don’t send messages to more than 20 users at once. Now, there is even a bigger one around to enjoy. WhatsApp has rolled out group calling features for voice calls and videos.

You can now make group calls with up to 3 friends

Earlier in 2016, WhatsApp started the video calling feature. For about 2 years, the feature was always between 2 parties (just the caller and the recipient). But the Facebook owned-App has gone the Instagram way with up to 4 users at once.
The group calling feature is available on platforms including iOS and Android. it is also important to note that video calls are encrypted just like text in regular chat. There is maximum security and no vulnerability in any way.

How to start WhatsApp group call

It simple. You will see a button at the top-right corner of the screen that will let you add another participant to the call once a call is connected. An Add Person icon is shown on the top right, above the names of the recipient. When the third user accepts the call, both the names will be shown with a comma separating them. You will be able to add up to three participants for a total of four people in a video or voice call.


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