Germany will win Russia 2018 World cup – A.I

who will win Russia 2018 fifa world cup

While every team is looking like a shadow of itself (with only a few exceptions) in the ongoing FIFA World cup, there must be a winner and someone thinks he knows who. A San-Francisco based tech Company has used its Artificial Intelligence System to predict the winner of the World Cup. Unanimous A.I believes that Germany would defend their trophy even though the team is struggling. San-Francisco based Unanimous A.I has had a decent record of making predictions and would be taken seriously this time. It has previously predicted the Super Bowl results successfully right down to the exact final score.

Louis Rosenberg, founder, and CEO of Unanimous A.I. was quoted on Digital trends saying “These predictions were generated using swarm A.I. technology”. “This means it uses a unique combination of human insights and artificial intelligence algorithms. This produces a system that is smarter than the humans or the machines could be on their own.

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In his explanation, the system connects a group of people who have high knowledge of the game through the internet. The system algorithm optimizes the data it fetches from these experts and it then gives a result. The emerging results will be based on the individual knowledge, wisdom, instincts, and intuition.

In this case, Unanimous A.I. partnered with a company in the U.K. called Colossus, which provided a group of 30 experienced sports handicappers. These handicappers were then connected together online, and combined with A.I. algorithms to amplify their intelligence. “It took a little over an hour, but this artificial predicted every match and created a full World Cup bracket,” Rosenberg said. “We then processed the data and were able to generate [a] probabilistic forecast.” With this, we should know what to expect.


Artificial Intelligence Is Not Magic, Neither Is It 100% Sure

Artificial Intelligence is not magic but it sure deserves all the attention it’s getting. I know a Non-German will say “To hell with A.I, he ain’t even God”. But did you know that A.I can drive cars/fly drones? A.I can write music. A.I. can Lip-Read better than humans. It can also identify emotions on faces just to mention a few. A.I need some respect 😀 But as much as I know football, 1+1 is not always 2 here.

Who Are The Runners Up Behind Germany

Although no team is heads and shoulders above every other team in this ongoing world cup, but A.I has this to say;

who will win Russia 2018 fifa world cup
Germany tipped to win

You should expect Germany to beat Brazil in the final, while Spain and France round out the tournament’s final four. Well, depending on how much stock you put in A.I.’s predictive powers, that is!








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